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Christmas Gift of Hope

Christmas Gift of Hope


Get your mother's day gift and give hope to young girls in Nigeria.


Only one in five students graduates with a STEM degree in Nigeria are women, and not all of them transition into tech jobs in Africa’s largest economy. 


The gender gap has to be narrowed, particularly in marginalised communities. That’s why Yara Shea Beauty with the  support of these brands through our Mother's day campaign to promote educational and work skills for girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and create a coding4girls space that will help them to improve their digital skills, achieve their potential and increase their job prospects. 


Buy this gift box and give the gift of a coding space for girls in West Africa.


Give the Gift that does good.  It's beyond Shea butter, Shea butter with a mission


To create this gift we partnered with:

- TinyBs

- The Magick Collective

- The Winsome Apothecary

- Sydro and Co

- Concrete Garden Candles

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