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All our products are hand crafted, always responsibly sourced, ethically created and never tested on animals


Using African resources to solving African problems.






Our Beauty of Helping  mission is centered around girls and young women, we are using African resources to solve african problems. We are focused on empowering and fighting period poverty, and enabling girls, young women stay in school and work thereby equipping them with the necessary hygiene and sexual reproductive health education, so that each and everyone of them can live their life with dignity and purpose. By caring for your skin, you are not only giving hope to girls and young women, but financially empowering marginalized women in Nigeria and Ghana who sourced and handcraft our products, thereby helping to build a stronger community. 


In many of the regions we work in, accessibility of basic human rights and infrastructures is a massive problem. Many times it's a matter of survival for the local communities, especially for girls and their mothers.Through Yara Shea Beauty, we address the barriers to girls and young women’s economic independence, increase economic growth and progress, facilitate social transformation and create systemic sustainable change. 


Our Vision

Every girl. Every young woman. Living their full potential.


Our Mission

We create, impact, and empower

to advance the rights of girls and young woman in  Africa using African resources, around the world.


What We Believe

When a woman becomes the fullest expression of who she is, she can change the world.

At Yara Shea Beauty, we recognize our responsibility to make an impact on the lives of the girls and women we serve, the communities in which we live and the world that needs all of us. We address the barriers to girls and women’s economic independence, increase economic growth and progress, facilitate social transformation and create systemic sustainable change.


‘Believe in yourself and the world is your oyster”
 — Nguzo Ogbodo

We believe that unleashing the contribution of women is a critical catalyst to solving the pressing global challenges of our time. Men and women coming together is the strongest force we have to change the lives of girls and women in the world, especially in Africa.

The purchase of one Yara Shea Beauty product nourishes and heals your skin but also gives hope to one girl, one woman in a remote village in Africa.



Through our educational program we believe that educating people about menstruation is a necessary part of the menstrual equity movement. We are raising awareness about period poverty, and we’ve included menstrual hygiene management education as a key component in all of our into all our school and community programs. We are also committed to using education to change the narratives about menstruation and combat menstrual stigma around the world.


Women and girls make up more than half the world’s population and yet in the majority of the world, their voices are not being heard. Influencing public policy and eliminating discrimination and biases through education and awareness is essential for women and girls to realize their full potential and contribute to their communities and countries in a meaningful way

Over 60 million girls around the world are denied the right to an education. Many are required to work, forced into an early marriage or face unimaginable violence. When girls receive a quality education, it not only changes their life, but also positively impacts their families, their communities and their country.  Our world needs their gifts and talents.

In societies with rigid views of traditionally male and female roles, frequently reinforced by cultural and religious beliefs, women’s opportunities for engaging in paid work or starting up enterprises are often limited. Women need equal access to credit to invest and expand their business ventures, equal access to markets to sell and develop their products, and equal opportunities to acquire skills, knowledge and technology.

We imagine a world where women and girls are able to participate fully in economic, legal, political, and educational policy making. Where health care for women is a priority, girls and women are seen and treated as equals by everyone in the world and no girl ever feels at a disadvantage for being born female. It’s time to change that narrative and let women and girls shine.

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